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A Payday Loan, widely known as "Payday Advance" or "Cash Advance" is a short term unsecured loan that is provided with an intention to cover borrower's expense till he/she receives his/her next salary. The loan is generally based on current employment records.

Payday loans have received quite a bit of bad press, but when used properly, it can have a definite upside. It helps a lot of people every day around and being able to get a small loan quickly can save you money by avoiding costly fees you have to pay Bank for returning any payment from you account. If you are able to get your rent check, house payment, or car payment or whatever in on time and avoid the hefty late fees or other fees and possible damage to your credit score, it is definitely worth it. Make sure to take loan amount that you actually need not desire!!

In simple words, Payday loan is a short loan which you need to payback on your next salary. At Cash 'ur' Check, we make it fairly an easy process. Once you provide the following documents, you will walk out of our office with cash in your hand. There are no hidden fees, no gimmicks, no playing around. We assure that you would love doing business with us and will definitely refer your friends,

Eligibility Criteria

We make all efforts to help everyone with the loan. In order to qualify, you should be;

  • Employed from last 3 months
  • Getting your salary directly into your account
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must reside in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Documents Requirement

  • 2 Recent Pay slips
  • 2 months of Banking statement
  • Proof of Identification
  • Bank Cheque or Pre-Authorised Debit form

Even if you are missing something or not sure how to provide all the documents, call us and we will try to find a solution

Guess what, you can qualify for a Free Payday Loan up to $300.00. Check under Promotions tab OR call us to confirm if you qualify.

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