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You can send money to your loved one anywhere in the world in minutes. Western Union have over 486,000 agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories. You can visit any of our branches, quickly complete transaction and money will be available at the destination in minutes. As a trusted western union partner, we assure of giving best services.

Send money with 50% discount on sending FEES!!

We value your business and continuous support. Yes, you can send money across world and can avail 50% discount on sending fees. Here are steps you need to follow,

  • Visit any of our locations and send money.
  • Ask for "Cash ur Check" loyalty card
  • Use our loyalty card to send money at Cash ur Check and ask representative allocate points.
  • Each transaction will have 1 point.
  • Once you have 10 points, we will give you 50% discount on your 11th transaction.
  • On your next transaction with us, you will be provided with a new Loyalty Card.

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