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It is always good to be your own BOSS!!

You have must read this statement before and that too at a lot of places. It is actually good to be an entrepreneur but you should choose the RIGHT business to step in.

If you are good with numbers, understand the concept of finances and have good customer service skills, Payday loan industry is the right choice. Payday Loan/Check Cashing industry is one of the highest paying Businesses in entire North America. Did you ever notice “Payday Loan” or “Cheque Cashing” sign at the corner of every second plaza? If you have not paid attention to this, you will start doing it now.

With a minimum required investment of $50,000, get assured return of 20% per annum on your business for the first year and around 30% thereafter. The percentage is very less as compared to industry standards.

We will provide the following services (not limited to),

  • Location search throughout GTA
  • Building the store interior and exterior
  • Facilitate to complete all Legal Formalities
  • Software to operate business
  • 4 Weeks in store training and unlimited support thereafter
  • Preparation of Compliance Manual
  • Risk and compliance training
  • Advertising and marketing of Business
  • Collection of Bad debts (In store and complete legal process)

We are sure you will have questions, don’t hold them on you, write us an Email ( and we shall get back to you.

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